Unfinished Flooring


  • Select & Better Grade
    A flooring product with color variations produced by differences of natural heartwood and sapwood.  May contain unlimited sound sapwood, slight imperfections in milling, a small tight knot every three (3) feet, ten (10) wormholes, burls and a reasonable amount of slightly open checks.  Brown streaks should not extend the entire length of the piece.
  • #1 Common
    A flooring product which contains prominent variations of color and varying characters. Open characters, such as checks and knotholes, are admitted, but must be sound and readily filled.  Minor imperfections in machining is permitted.  Shall also admit varying wood characteristics, such as flag wormholes, heavy streaks and checks
  • #2 Common
    May contain sound natural variations of the forest product and manufacturing imperfections.  The purpose of this grade is to furnish a floor suitable for homes, general utility use, or where character marks and contrasting appearance is desired.
  • Mill Run
    Is a mixture of all the previously mentioned grades. This grade is the result of utilizing all usable parts of the wood which provides a more natural look.
Red Oak &2 1/4″S & B, Rift / Qtr*
White Oak3 1/4″Select & Better
 4 1/4″1 Common
  2 Common
Maple2 1/4″Select & Better
 3 1/4″1 Common
 4 1/4″2 Common
Hickory2 1/4″Mill Run
 3 1/4″ 
Wormy Ash3 1/4″Mill Run

* Available only in 2 1/4″ and 3 1/4″ width


  • Unfinished flooring is bundled and packaged in an assortment of random length sizes.
  • Size will vary from 9″ all the way to 78″
    • Select & Better Grade – average length will be longer due to grading specifications.
    • #1 & #2 Common Grades – average length will be shorter due to the nature of the wood.

Unfinished Packaging

  • 2-1/4″ Width – 18.75 sf/bundle
  • 3-1/4″ Width – 18 sf/bundle
  • 4-1/4″ Width – 19 sf/bundle


  • Turman manufactures a full 3/4″ solid product, tongue & grooved with end matching.
  • Edges will be squared.