Flooring Warranty

The following information and related documents are included with each box of Turman Hardwood Flooring to help insure the best performance of our product. Although job site preparation and installation are solely the responsibility of the contractor/installer or homeowner, we feel it is necessary to mention a few of the most critical issues that could cause or contribute to future problems. It is also necessary for the homeowner to understand the characteristics of solid wood flooring in order to maintain an acceptable environment that will prolong the beauty and soundness of their investment for years to come.

Installer/Contractor/Owner responsibility
Turman Hardwood Flooring maintains that all flooring products are shipped in good usable condition and should arrive at the job site in the same condition. Therefor all flooring products should be inspected upon delivery and prior to installation for defects, grade, color, proper moisture content and/or any other concerns related to product integrity. Never install any flooring if there is any question as to acceptability. Installation of the flooring constitutes acceptance as received.

It is not the intent of Turman Hardwood Flooring to fully educate anyone as a flooring installer, however as an active member of the National Wood Flooring Association we do have access to information that provides in-depth recommendations as related to the characteristics of wood flooring, job site conditions, moisture control (MC), proper acclimation of hardwood flooring and installation guidelines. We have included a copy of NWFA publication No. A100 for your convenience. Additional information may be obtained from the NWFA at www.NWFA.org.

Waste Factor
When calculating the footage needed for a specific job, it is recommended that 5% be added to the total needed. This should compensate for any material that is deemed unusable for whatever reason. Any piece of flooring that is questionable due to grade, color, milling defects, or damage whatsoever should be laid aside. Do Not Install!. If the amount of unusable flooring were to exceed 5%, Turman Hardwood Flooring shall replace or reimburse the purchaser for the amount of the defective footage above 5%. No adjustments will be made for any flooring that has been installed that had obvious defects prior to installation.

Installation Recommendations:

  • Read the publication from the NWFA that is included on the back side of this page.
  • Verify the moisture levels in the flooring and the sub floor. Differences of more than 4% either way between the two will result in some changes in the flooring after installation as the floor equalizes. The greater the difference in moisture content, the greater the potential for problems caused from expansion or contraction.
  • Acceptable sub floors include 5/8″ minimum thickness (CD EXPOSURE 1) plywood, 23/32″ OSB or solid boards 3/4″ thick and not more than 6″ wide. Sub flooring boards should be kiln dried to less than 15% moisture content and nailed at a 45° angle to the floor joist. The sub floor shall be flat, tight, sound, and dry to within 4% moisture content of the flooring to be installed. Particleboard is not recommended as a proper sub floor material.
  • Hardwood over concrete is acceptable in some applications, but only if the sub floor meets the standards set by the NWFA. Therefor it is highly recommended that this application be researched thoroughly.
  • Solid hardwood flooring should only be installed in an on or above grade condition. If the soil surrounding the structure is 3″ or more above floor level, solid wood flooring should not be installed.
  • Always put down an approved vapor retardant such as #15 asphalt paper between the sub floors and flooring to be installed.
  • 3/4″ solid wood flooring should be either nailed down or stapled using 1-1/2″ minimum length nails or staples. Minimum two (2) fasteners per piece, 3″ from ends and every 10″ continuous throughout the length of each piece. Insure that the nail gun or stapler being used is fitted with the proper foot or shoe that does not damage the edges of the flooring.
  • End joints should be staggered at least 6″ from those of the previous row.
  • Nail all flooring at right angles (perpendicular) to floor joists.
  • Allow room for expansion (suggested 3/4″) between wood flooring and walls or any other obstructions.

LIMITED WARRANTY Turman Hardwood Flooring hereby warrants, to the original buyer only, that the products are free of manufacturing defects within the five (5%) percent limit and will not wear through the top finish for a period of twenty (20) years after the date of shipment by Turman Hardwood Flooring or any respective distributors thereof.  Character Grade has a five (5) year warranty.

This Warranty does not cover damage caused in whole or in part by casualty, abuse, wear and tear, cracks, cupping or buckling due to contraction or expansion, or use for which the products are not designed, faulty construction of the building, incorrect installation of the product, settlement of the building walls, failure to adhere to seller specifications and standards set by the National Wood Flooring Association, separation of the concrete slab, excessive moisture from humidity, spillage, migration through the slab, sub floor or walls, color changes or fading in areas where excessive sunlight or where scatter rugs or in place or any other source or acts of God. This Warranty is contingent upon seller’s receipt of notice, in writing, from buyer, of the product defect prior to the expiration of the warranty period, and evidence that products were properly installed and not subject to any of the above mentioned conditions.

This limited warranty does not apply to Utility Grade or any other downgraded or discounted items. All other warranties are hereby disclaimed, expressed or implied. None of the manufacturer’s agents has the authority to add to or change these warranties in any way.